How to use this Kit

This Team Kit provides you with the key knowledge, approaches and tools to build a high-performing team. Whether you are a manager, business partner, or facilitator you can use this Kit to design and run impactful team interventions, hone your own teaming skills, and learn how to create conditions for effective team work.

The Kit Board - six key dimensions of high-performing teams.

The Team Kit is built around the Kit Board, a canvas format, and six key dimensions of high-performing teams:

  1. Purpose and Goals - how do you set direction for the team's work?
  2. Members and Skills - how do you determine team size and how do you select and onboard members based on different dimensions of skills?
  3. Leadership and Accountability - how can you provide leadership to your team and create productive conditions to reach your goals?
  4. Rules and Behaviors - how can you instill productive team norms and support teaming behaviors in your group?
  5. Communication and Relationships - how can you instill effective communication patterns in and around your team and support according relationships?
  6. Tensions and Conflict - how can you leverage and manage tensions and conflict to drive team purpose and goals?

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If you want to start quickly we recommend the following three steps:

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