Four steps to design your action plan

To design a meaningful action plan for your team, you need to determine your starting point and set clear work priorities – here are four steps to do this:

This section helps you to determine your individual starting point to work with your team towards even higher performance. Following the four steps below, you will identify potential to improve performance, as well as receive indications how to prioritize. Use the suggestions for taking action from the 360° team feedback tool, or individual reflection triggers to devise your workplan to maximize performance covering the six dimensions of high-performing teams:

  1. Use the team characteristics worksheet for a first self-reflection on your team.
  2. Use our individual team evaluation tool to get an initial suggestion for work priorities based on your feedback.
  3. Use the 360° Team Feedback Tool to validate your own perspective building on structured feedback from your team colleagues. If you don’t want to ask your team for feedback,
  4. Get the 360° Team Evaluation Report which identifies development potentials and suggests priorities, as well as actions for the work with your team (read here how the 360° team feedback report can guide your work).
  5. Build your individual work plan to taking action, building on our guidance on session formats, planning, and other relevant considerations, to create a successful team journey starting right from where you are today.

Free Preview Users

If you are a preview user, you can still benefit from our free individual Team Evaluation Tool. Receive your individual evaluation and a tailored workplan to help build your team based on your priorities and pain points. The individual team evaluation survey takes about 10 minutes.