Kit overview

The purpose of this Kit is to give you the knowledge, tools, and resources to build an agile organization based on increased levels of self-organization and less rigid forms of managerial hierarchy. 

The Kit has five parts: 

  1. Canvas
  2. Issues
  3. Cases
  4. Tools
  5. Resources 

The Kit Board canvas introduces basic elements to be addressed by agile organizational models and how they relate to each other. 

Issues are specific questions raised by agile forms of organizing, as models based on a decentralization of authority and increased levels of self-management require solutions that go beyond the toolset of traditional organizational designs.

Tools comprise working methodologies that practitioners can deploy to learn about, ideate, and design new organizational models or elements to implement within their organizational design. 

Cases comprise focused case examples based on the study of real-life organizations, organizational models, and management ideas explaining how particular issues of agile organizing can be solved in a practical way.

Additional resources contain additional support to help you apply the ideas and methods to your use case and navigate the Kit and its content. 

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