How to make sense of and apply innovative forms of organizing

The goal of the Agile Organizing Kit is to provide you with key resources to make sense of and apply innovative forms of organizing within your organization, based on increased levels of decentralization and self-management.

New organizational models have not been thoroughly and empirically studied from an academic point of view - yet this process is underway and has already yielded valuable results. 

In addition, there is lots of practical knowledge being created every day, as managers kick off experiments with new organizational forms and learn about decentralized organizing and increased levels of self-management by engaging in it.

Both the growing theoretical and practical bodies of knowledge have contributed to our understanding of the key issues for alternative organizing that haven’t yet been solved. These issues require tools and methodologies to support further ideation and design efforts. This situation informs our ongoing work on this Kit.

The Kit is introduced by an overarching Kit Board canvas that discusses the key elements representing, in one way or the other, the common denominators of most recent alternative organizational models. Based on this Kit Board canvas, our work rests on three pillars:

  1. Issues: the key questions raised by new forms of organizing, based on a far-reaching decentralization of authority and increased levels of self-management.
  2. Tools and other resources that practitioners can deploy to learn about, design, and redesign elements of new organizational models.
  3. Cases: the examples, case studies, books, innovative management models, and the variations of those management models that emerge as they are implemented. 

One case can thereby inform learning on several issues, and one issue can have different answers in several cases. Similarly, one tool might be relevant for a number of issues at once. Stay tuned as we add further tools, case studies, and resources to this Kit. For a start, download the Kit Board canvas here