The Kit Board

The Kit Board – a canvas to explore new organizational models

The enclosed Kit Board captures five foundational elements representing a common denominator for innovative forms of organizing. 

Purpose: new organizational models place great emphasis on the purpose of a goal-oriented social system, looking beyond the short-term economic viability of the enterprise and its profit maximization. [See Kit Board Canvas: Purpose]

Platform: platforms are the company-wide systems of rules, structures, and management processes that govern value creation and collaboration within the organization and integrate the organization. [See Kit Board Canvas: Platform]

Units: innovative forms of organizing develop novel approaches to form, lead, and integrate units or teams with designated tasks into the overall distribution of labor in an organization. [See Kit Board Canvas: Units]

People: new organizational models imply that individuals will be faced with new and unfamiliar demands, including a new way to engage with distributed management and leadership tasks. [See Kit Board Canvas: People]

Process: new organizational models imply new ways of working, leading, and managing - and thus a fundamental transformation process that goes beyond traditional forms of structural change. [See Kit Board Canvas: Process]

Download the Kit Board below

With the Kit Board canvas you can explore cases and issues, or sketch ideas for new forms of organizing. The Kit Board can be used in teams or workshops as a shared language to have better conversations about org design, or individually as a tool to structure your thinking. 

AOK - 1.1 - Agile Organizing Kit Board.pdf


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