Use case 2: You want to strengthen your own personal leadership skills

You are leading in your organization and want to develop your skills: Work with the Leadership Development Canvas to think through some key dimensions of effective leadership development – context, strategy, network, platform, jobs, feedback, resources, and measures – and draw conclusions for your own action agenda. Here are some actionable steps towards an impactful LD effort based on resources from the Leadership Development Kit:

  1. Use our process guide to define leadership development priorities for yourself
  2. Understand your own, your organization’s and your team’s specific context and strategic priorities requiring leadership
  3. Define how to build and leverage your network to develop as a leader in your organization
  4. Make leadership development a conscious part of your actual job
  5. Create opportunities for reflection based on actual feedback on your leadership
  6. Define and acquire resources to support your personal leadership development journey

Leadership Development Kit Board Canvas