Use case 1: You are serving an organization to develop leadership capabilities

You can leverage the Leadership Development Kit to define a comprehensive leadership development initiative. The Kit gives you the framework and tools to set up the initiative and run actionable interventions. This use case often applies when you are in a service role, e.g. as HR business partner, learning officer or consultant.

How to do it

  1. First, familiarize yourself with the LD canvas and learn how leadership capabilities are truly developed. The canvas quick guide (including presentation materials) and the introduction to key design elements will give you the basics.
  2. Second, engage your team or a number of key stakeholders for a first working session to kick-start LD. The according process guide gives you an approach to set up and run the session, including an exemplary agenda.
  3. In preparation for this session, or if you first want to dive into the content, work through the canvas framework to learn how context, strategy, networks, platforms, jobs, feedback, resources and evaluations together make up powerful LD initiatives.

Get the tools

Each of the framework elements comes with one practical tool to shape the specifics of your LD program either in a workshop setting or working on your own. 

Leadership Development Kit Board Canvas


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