How to work with this Kit

This Kit provides you with the knowledge, resources and tools you really need to define or redefine your organizational structure. In order to maximize the practical use value of the kit is is presented in an online course format comprising an INTRODUCTION and six key modules. The six modules also structure the Kit Board canvas which can be downloaded here.

  1. GOALS - linking structure to strategy
  2. LIMITS - scoping and focusing organizational design work
  3. ACTIVITIES - defining key activities and decision requirements
  4. UNITS - separating functions into units
  5. LINKS - coordinating and collaborating across units
  6. SHAPE - defining spans and layers

Two final modules explain the PROCESS of doing organization work and provide key CHANGE tools to support successfull implementation.

Each module is introduced by an overview of the respective key element and contains tools, agendas and other resources to set you up for practicing your learning quickly. All frameworks, materials, agendas, presentation materials and tools are available for download in the respective sections so you can use them immediatly in your work process and meetings and start learning by doing.

If you want to start quickly we recommend the following three steps:

  1. Watch the introduction to the Organizational Structure Kit
  2. Download the Organizational Structure Kit Board canvas and familiarize yourself with the lead questions for each of the six key elements
  3. Gather a core team and run a 90 minutes workshop to kick-start the process of (re-)defining your organizational structure


Do you have any questions on this part of the Kit? Send us a note using the comments section below (comments are not displayed publicly) or send an e-mail to [email protected].