Goals, output and process of working with this Kit

Quick Start


This Kit allows you to increase the degree of self-management, empowerment, and agility within your organization through a systematic and controlled process. It focuses on a concrete organization design challenge that results from increased levels of self-management and decentralization: What level of decentralized autonomy should be granted to which roles or units? 

This Kit 

  • provides you with the framework, guidance and tools to analyze and design the degree of self-management and decentralized authority that specific roles and teams in your organization should have. 
  • gives you the knowledge and confidence to begin shifting towards becoming a self-managed organization in a controlled experiment with a clearly defined goal and scope.
  • allows you to productively engage and commit to stakeholders on that journey, by supporting meaningful and concrete discussions on how far you should decentralize your management functions.


Working with this Kit – and in combination with resources from other Management Kits, such as the Agile Organizing Kit – you can facilitate a full project or project sequence on organization design and increasing self-management. Specific deliverables you can work towards using resources and tools from this Kit – and complemented by our coaching support - include: 

  • A detailed description of your organization’s key management functions as a basis for defining the respective levels of self-management granted to a specific team or role.
  • A project or project work stream plan for your work on self organization, including defining a series of activities, workshops, and deliverables, as a basis for onboarding stakeholders or team members on the topic.
  • Detailed workshop agendas including topics, timing, roles, and resources, leveraging exemplary agendas, including workshop activities and deliverables leveraging the different tools.
  • A clear definition of the goals and the scope of your work on self-managing organizations, as well as guidance on leading an organizational conversation with key stakeholders on the topic.
  • The basis for a customized facilitator guide, leveraging the Kit’s framework section, the practical experience captured in the “tips and tricks”, and the exemplary meeting agendas and tools.

These deliverables give you the means to design an innovative organization and drive the process of organizational change by engaging key stakeholders. 


Here are three steps for a quick start

  1. Familiarize yourself with some practical example cases of organizations working with this Kit
  2. Check out the framework for this Kit
  3. Define the goals and scope of your work on self management and work with the Management Functions Matrix to define the level of decentral authority that makes most sense for your organization

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