Build high-performing teams: The Team Kit gives you the key knowledge and guidance to lead, facilitate, and support effective teaming in your organization

    Work with the Canvas to understand what makes teams great

    The key elements of high-performing teams – a research-based framework to structure your thinking and facilitate team design work

    Start the process and guide your team to high-performance

    Integrate team development efforts with your work and make your team processes a learning journey

    Apply the tools to practice teaming and learn in action

    Key tools and resources – essential how-to guides, exercises and trigger questions which allow you to drive your action learning on the job

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    • • Get access to the full Team Kit
      • Complete Team Kit Framework
      • Quiz questions for quick repetition
      • Process guides for team action learning
      • Eight key tools to learn teaming in practice
      • Complementary 1:1 coaching session
      • Complementary e-mail course for bite-sized learning

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“Management Kits allowed us to do a deep-dive right from the first session. We were able to define our purpose and goals better and build a solid foundation for our work going forward.”

- Marcos Nähr, Design Foundations Sr Manager at Dell Technologies

Whom this Kit is for

  • Team leaders, whether they are first time or aspiring leaders, experienced line managers, or squad leaders in cross-functional teams
  • Facilitators and business partners looking for the knowledge, frameworks and tools to support their team coaching role
  • Professionals who want to improve their teaming skills on-the-job and are looking for the “how to” approaches to support their action learning

Who developed this Kit

This Kit was developed by Management Kits drawing on key academic research and a wide range of practical experience and testing. The Management Kits research, development and design process is led by Olaf Bach, the founder of Management Kits. Olaf has more than 10 years experience in consulting on strategy and organization. He teaches organization design at the University of St. Gallen, one of the leading European business schools and as an honorary professor for business design at Berlin-based design school Weißensee Art Academy. Olaf was senior project manager at a leading global strategy consulting firm.

For more information, see About Management Kits and go to Olaf's LinkedIn profile.

Kit Content

  Quick Start
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days after you buy
Available in days
days after you buy

Key benefits

  • Relevance: focus your learning on where it matters most – your job
  • Efficiency: leverage your work practice for action learning
  • Fit: build your customized solutions, supporting your strategy
  • Collaboration: involve your team in getting to best
  • Research-based knowledge: based on key insights from management research
  • Personal guidance: one-on-one onboarding session

We offer a complementary, personal onboarding session to support you in setting up your personal action learning journey

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Kit for?
This Kit is designed to build high-performing teams, supporting three use cases and roles: It is for team leaders, whether they are first time or aspiring leaders, experienced line managers, or squad leaders in cross-functional teams; facilitators and business partners looking for the knowledge, frameworks and tools to support their team coaching role; and professionals who want to improve their teaming skills on-the-job and are looking for the “how to” approaches to support their action learning.
What’s included in the Kit?
Built around the Team Kit Board, our canvas format, the Kit goes deep on six essential elements of high-performing teams: - purpose and goals - members and skills - leadership and accountability - rules and behaviors - communication and relationships - tension and conflict. Each section comes with a video, downloadable presentation materials, work sheets, quizzes for quick repetition, and other helpful resources.
How do I work with the Kit?
The Kit invites you to kick-off your work process right away and to progress at your own pace with a strong emphasis on direct application. On the Kit platform you have all the materials in one place, and you can access them at any time online. You can also download, edit, and print the documents you need for your offline sessions or workshops with your team. In addition, as part of both the individual purchase of this Kit and the subscription to the All Management Kits Bundle we offer a complementary personal online coaching session to support your onboarding.
How does the personal onboarding session work?
While this depends on the particular use case, Management Kits users typically benefit most from one of three options: 1. we use the time to give you a general walkthrough of the Management Kits resources 2. we discuss the general situation you are in, including some of the challenges and transitions the organization you work with is facing, and we subsequently compile a tailored guide to some of the tools and materials likely most effective in your situation. 3. we focus the discussion on a specific organizational, project or leadership development challenge of yours and look at how to best leverage the Kits for addressing this challenge.
How can I access the Team Kit?
There are two options to access the full Team Kit: 1. First, you can buy the Team Kit for USD 140.-, giving you unlimited access to this Kit. 2. Second, you can subscribe to Management Kits on an annual basis for USD 590.- per year, giving you full access to all organization design, development, and leadership resources on our platform, including the Team Kit.
If I go for the subscription option, what is included and how does it work?
The subscription to the All Management Kits Bundle gives you access to all Kits on our platform, including the Team Kit, on an annual basis for Swiss Francs (CHF) 360.- per year. This All Kits Bundle subscription includes all our Kits and tools in the fields of organizational effectiveness, design, and development, namely the Organizational Structure Kit, the Team Kit, the Leadership Development Kit, and the Agile Organizing Kit, as well as all associated tools, guides, and resources, as well as future updates. You can cancel at any time in case you do not wish to renew the subscription for another year. You will get a reminder four weeks before the renewal date in order to avoid any unintended renewals and charges.
What if I have additional questions applying the Team Kit to my specific context?
There is a comments section enabled in each part of the Kit. Use it to ask us questions or give us feedback. We’ll answer all our user questions in due course. You may also contact us directly via e-mail at [email protected]
What if we want to use the Kit for the whole firm or need more support?
For multiple licenses, tailored enterprise solutions, and our workshop, consulting and coaching offers, please contact us at [email protected]
Is the Kit mobile and tablet friendly?
Yep. The Kit is fully responsive on any devices you own.
What if I'm not happy with the Kit?
We have a 30-day money back guarantee! No questions asked.

What Users Say

“The Team Kit brings together the most important facts and information on building effective teams. It allows us to facilitate discussions within teams and address issues and questions in a very useful way.”

- Fabio Ciroli, Team Lead Construction/Property Development, Schaeppi Grundstücke Verwaltungen KG

“The Team Kit workshop was very well facilitated by Olaf Bach and, together with the materials and documentation, brought a lot of new insights and ideas I can leverage in my professional practice.”

- Florence Müller, Coach and Counsellor SGfB (Swiss Association for Counselling)

We have a 30-day money back guarantee!
No questions asked


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The Management Kits Story

At Management Kits we believe that management is learned in practice – so management learning interventions need to go where the action is. To be successful, they need to combine the most relevant thinking with an understanding of practitioners’ challenges. This is why our Kits and workshops translate key academic research into practical frameworks and tools for managers, entrepreneurs, and consultants using design thinking methodologies to maximize action learning and support users in developing their own management solutions.