Define a decentralized governance structure: design your organization to empower self-managed teams

The future of work requires more self-management. But radical models do not fit in many contexts

Many managers and HR professionals are convinced that the future of work requires more self-management in organizations, in order to boost empowerment, motivation, and ownership. However, making significant progress in the direction of self-management without committing to radical “all-or-nothing” organizational models requires a concrete working methodology that is responsive to an organization’s specific context, means, and ambitions.

Moving towards self-organization requires thought-through designs with broad stakeholder buy-in

This Kit gives you the research-based working methodology to get self-management right in your organization and to productively engage and commit stakeholders in that journey. You will be able to have meaningful and concrete discussions on how far to decentralize your management functions, as well as guidance, workshop agendas, and how-to approaches to drive the process.

Start experimenting and making decisions about increased decentralization and self-management with confidence, using tools based on analysis and expertise. Become a thought leader without committing to the hype of the latest management fad. Run impactful working sessions with your teams and business partners. Get tailored expert advice in your personal online coaching session. Build and implement an organizational model that fits your context while drawing on best practices.

This Kit is for you

  • if you want to support your stakeholders and partners moving toward self-management in a productive and thought-through way
  • if you’re looking for a practical, step-wise, and well-founded approach to promote decentralization in key management functions
  • if you want alternatives to the hyperbolic promises of radical “all-or-nothing” organizational models

Who developed this Kit

This Kit was developed by Management Kits drawing on key academic research and a wide range of practical experience and testing. The Management Kits research, development and design process is led by Olaf Bach, the founder of Management Kits. Olaf has more than 10 years experience in consulting on strategy and organization. He teaches organization design at the University of St. Gallen, one of the leading European business schools and as an honorary professor for business design at Berlin-based design school Weißensee Art Academy. Olaf was senior project manager at a leading global strategy consulting firm.

For more information, see About Management Kits and go to Olaf's LinkedIn profile.

We offer a complimentary, personal coaching session to support you in kickstarting your project work

“Our workshop with Management Kits provided crucial insights for our in-house approach to self-organization and helped us to define our design priorities and work plan going forward.”

Daniel Meier, Chief Human Resources Officer, SV Group

“Management Kits allowed us to do a deep-dive right from the first session. We were able to define our purpose and goals better and build a solid foundation for our work going forward.”

Marcos Nähr, Design Foundations Sr Manager, Dell Technologies

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Kit for?
This Kit is designed for leaders, HR practitioners and advisors who want to push for higher levels of self-management in their organizations or teams, while ensuring a well-designed and thought-out approach that is responsive to the specific context.
How do I work with the Kit?
Management Kits invites you to kick off your work process right away and to progress at your own pace with a strong emphasis on direct application. On the Kit platform you have all the materials in one place, and you can access them at any time online. You can also download, edit, and print the documents you need for your offline sessions or workshops with your team. In addition, as part of your subscription to Management Kits, we offer a complementary personal online coaching session to support your onboarding.
How can I access this Kit and what does it cost?
This Kit is part of the All Management Kits Bundle subscription, which is available on an annual basis for USD 590.- per year.
Beyond this Kit, what other content is included in the All Management Kits Bundle subscription?
This All Management Kits Bundle subscription includes all our Kits and tools in the fields of organizational effectiveness, design, and development, namely the Organizational Structure Kit, the Team Kit, the Leadership Development Kit, and the Agile Organizing Kit, as well as all the associated tools, guides, and resources.
What if we want to make broader use of the Kit for the whole firm or need more support?
For multiple licenses, tailored enterprise solutions, and our workshop, consulting, and coaching offers, please contact us at [email protected]
Is the Kit mobile and tablet friendly?
Yep. The Kit is fully responsive on any devices you own.
What if I don't like it?
We have a 30-day money back guarantee! No questions asked.

We have a 30-day money back guarantee!
No questions asked

You can subscribe to this Kit as part of the All Kits Bundle

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