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Start building organizational agility straight away. The Agile Organizing Kit guides you to designing a new organizational model based on increased levels of self-management and decentralization.

    Framework & Examples

    Comprehensive framework of key elements to be addressed by agile organizations and how these are interrelated. Case examples showing how particular issues of agile organizing can be solved in a practical way.

    Process & Workshops

    Guidance how to navigate the process of building agile organizations and how to apply the Kit’s ideas and methods to your use case.

    Tools & Templates

    Tools and templates supporting you to ideate and design new organizational models, and to capture results to implement such elements within your organization.

Not going agile is not an option

Understand the steps you can take to start building organizational agility into your structures and processes

  • Agile Organizing Bundle

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  • Agile Organizing Kit
    Team Kit
    Organize for Self-Management Kit
    x Organizational Structure Kit
    x Leadership Development Kit

    + 3 Frameworks
    + 1 customization tool, 1 diagnostic
    + 11 work tools
    + 2 process & planning guides
    + 9 exemplary workshop agendas
    + Presentation and work templates
    + Embedded library of case examples

    1h expert coaching session (online)

  • Organizational Effectiveness Suite

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  • Agile Organizing Kit
    Organizational Structure Kit
    Team Kit
    Leadership Development Kit
    Organize for Self-Management Kit

    + Exhaustive frameworks
    + Customization and diagnostic tools
    + 40 work tools
    + 5 process & planning guides
    + 15 exemplary workshop agendas
    + Presentation and work templates
    + Embedded library of case examples

    1h expert coaching session (online)
    All updates included
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“The Kits work perfectly as a foundation for deeper organizational understanding, leading to better organizational design. I've used it in my work as a useful framework for collaborative workshops with stakeholders of the organization. This leads to higher engagement and prepares for a frictionless change process.”

Eric Santillan, International Organizational Consultant, Access Asia Pte Ltd.

“Our co-creation workshop with Management Kits on agile organizing combined newest insights from management research with a pragmatic and applicable approach. It really helped us as a team to develop a future-oriented perspective on our organization.”

Mark Waber, Chief Executive Officer, Puzzle ITC GmbH


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Kit for?
This Kit is for decision-makers, team leaders, business partners and advisors who want to prepare their organizations and business partners for the future of work. The Agile Organizing Kit allows you to make sense of innovative forms of organizing based on increased levels of self-management and decentralization, and to drive change in that direction. It gives you the key insights from research and real-life experiences focused on novel approaches to organizing. With practical and actionable tools, it empowers you to set-up, run and succeed in your management innovation work.
How do I work with the Kit?
The Kit empowers you to kick-off your work process on your management challenge right away. It’s frameworks and work processes are responsive to your business challenge and ambition level. It allows you to engage your team and stakeholders in productive working exchanges right from the start. There is a process guide supporting you align your individual work process to your business needs. For each process step, you’ll find pre-designed workshops (incl. templates and agendas) that build on the various tools included in the Kit.
On the Kit platform you have all the materials in one place, accessible at any time. You can download, edit, and print the documents you need for your offline sessions or workshops with your team.
In addition, the subscription includes a free expert coaching session (1 hour, online) to kickstart your work with the Kit.
Beyond the Agile Organizing Kit, what other content is included in the All Management Kits Bundle subscription?
The All Management Kits Bundle subscription includes all of our Kits and tools in the fields of organizational effectiveness, design, and development, namely the Organizational Structure Kit, the Team Kit, the Leadership Development Kit, and the Agile Organizing Kit, as well as all associated resources.
How can I access the Kit?
The Agile Organizing Kit draws upon the relevant tools from our whole organizational effectiveness suite (organization design, development, team and leadership resources) to accompany your journey towards a more responsive and self-managed organization. It is available as part of the subscription to our Organizational Effectiveness Suite on an annual basis.
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What is included in the Organizational Effectiveness Suite subscription?
The subscription to our Organizational Effectiveness Suite gives you access to all organizational effectiveness kits, allowing you to work on the full scope of tools to make your organization more effective and agile, develop leadership within the organization, and build on high-performing teams.
The All Management Kits Bundle subscription is annual and includes all of our Kits and tools, namely the Organizational Structure Kit, the Team Kit, the Leadership Development Kit, and the Agile Organizing Kit, as well as all associated tools, guides, and resources. All our resources are continuously updated.
See plans and pricing
Which theories, frameworks or methodologies are used to create Management Kits?
In terms of theoretical and methodological background, there are three pillars that are particularly important to us at Management Kits: For all our Kits, we first make sure that our content is aligned with key insights from management research in the respective field. This often entails a significant amount of translation work to make the Kits user-friendly and actionable in a practical environment. Second, there is practical project work, consulting experience, and user testing that goes into the Kit design. Third, we believe in the relevance of design thinking methodologies for management problem-solving and we integrate approaches in our Kit design work accordingly.
Is the Kit really actionable and hands-on?
That's the whole idea! We want to empower you to start working on your specific challenges right away. We support you throughout your journey, deploying the tools, and running your work sessions. There's even built-in guidance making sure you can move to implementation step-by-step according to your needs.
What about the difficulty level of the Kit?
Our Kits are designed to accommodate users of all experience levels. The Kit structure allows you to access exactly what is most relevant for you, for example only the tools or know-how sections. Even those well-versed in organizational design will find a significant number of the Kit’s resources useful. For users just getting acquainted with the field of work, the Kit provides resources and background to combine learning and capability-building with relevant activities to start your management challenge without unnecessary delay.
Do you update the Kit?
Building an effective organization is never finished. The same applies to our Kits.
Our Kits contain state-of-the-art management knowledge and tools. We continuously update the Kits, extending the library of use cases and user experiences, and adding new or revising existing tools and workshops. Most of these updates stem from user experiences in working with our Kits. Together, we ensure constant development of best practices.
How does the free expert coaching session work?
A free expert coaching session (1 hour, online) to kickstart your work with the Kit is included in the subscription. How you use this time with our expert is largely up to you.
Most Management Kits users typically benefit most from one of three options:
(1) We use the time to give you a general walkthrough of the Management Kits resources
(2) We discuss the general situation you are in, including some of the challenges and transitions the organization you work with is facing, and we subsequently compile a tailored guide to some of the tools and materials that are likely most effective in your situation.
(3) We focus the discussion on a specific organizational project or leadership development challenge of yours and look at how to best leverage the Kits to address this challenge.
What if I have additional questions applying the Kit to my specific context?
There is a comment section in each part of the Kit. You can use it to ask questions or also share your feedback with us. We will make sure to answer all our users’ questions in due course.
For more specific needs, contact us directly via e-mail at [email protected]
What if we want to use the Kit for our whole team, wider part of the organization, or we need more support?
We are happy to have a conversation about this and develop a more specific offer for your specific needs, such as team subscriptions, tailored enterprise solutions, and our workshop, consulting and coaching offers.
Please contact us at [email protected]
Do you offer price discounts for NGOs/public sector organizations?
For NGOs and public sector organizations, please contact us to receive a tailored offer.
What if I don't like it?
We have a 30-day money back guarantee! No questions asked.
You can also cancel your subscription at any time in case you do not wish to renew it for another year. You will receive a reminder four weeks before the renewal date in order to avoid any unintended renewals and charges.

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Team Kit
All the knowledge and tools you need to design, lead, and facilitate powerful teams
Management Kits
Organize for Self-Management (beta)
Define a decentralized governance structure
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